Abu Dhabi World Pro 2016

I’m all set! On the mat tomorrow at 12:00 PM ✨🏅✨ @uaejjf #adwpjjc2016 #armbargirl #teamnoguiera #teamnogueiradubai #bjj #jiujitsu #bjjgi #womensbjj #girlsingis #supportwomensbjj #جوجيتسو

Silver in 2nd UAEJJF Al Ain Open 2016

UAEJJF 2ND AL AIN OPEN | Silver in absolute division with a total of two fights! No fights in my division this time. Coach @ramseye4 @evan_oreilly I heard you on the mat! Thank you so much for always being by my side! Thank you to my teammates @teamnogueiradubai for the all the support at Al Ain! Very excited to be part of the team! Big thank you to the @innerfight coaches for the great training and all the encouragement! World Pro training starts tomorrow ✨#armbargirl #teamnoguiera #teamnogueiradubai #bjj #jiujitsu #bjjgi #womensbjj #girlsingis #supportwomensbjj #uaejjf #جوجيتسو
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Double Gold At Sharjah Open Cup 2016

UAEJJF SHARJAH OPEN CUP 2016| First double gold as a blue belt in my division & the open weight division! 3 tough fights total. Good experience! Coach @ramseye4 can’t thank you enough for all the support! My @pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai teammates thank you as always & thank you to all the awesome @innerfight coaches for all the great training! So many things to work on – back to the mat ✨#armbargirl #pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai #bjj #jiujitsu #bjjgi #womensbjj #girlsingis #supportwomensbjj #جوجيتسو #innerfight #shownoweakness



UAEJJF Fujeirah Open

UAEJJF FUJEIRAH OPEN | 5 tough fights! I lost the fights in my weight category & I won silver in the open weight division. I actually finished my fight with a bow & arrow choke – which I’m very happy about! So much work to do, back on the mat first thing tomorrow morning. As always, Thank you to coach @ramseye4 and my @pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai teammates & my new home @innerfight @ifms7 @renegademj @carmenbosmans @philhesketh for the awesome training ✨ #armbargirl #pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai #innerfight #shownoweakness #bjj #jiujitsu #bjjgi #womensbjj #girlsingis #supportwomensbjj #جوجيتسو

Silver @ 2015 Dubai Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship!!!

Silver at the open weight division!! It was an absolute privilege to share the mat and podium with seasoned blue belts 🌀🌀 I won my first open weight fight by submission and lost my second fight by advantage – and I learned so much in the process! My coaches @ramseye4 @gz_vigilante @guilleranguita @ghalia_baggily and allll my @pridefcdubai ‪#‎sasteamdubai‬ teammates I have only one goal when I compete and that is to make you all proud. Onwards & upwards ✨🙅🏻🔝🏆 ‪#‎armbargirl‬ ‪#‎pridefcdubai‬ #sasteamdubai ‪#‎supportwomensbjj‬ ‪#‎bjjgirls‬ ‪#‎jiujitsu‬




My First Tournament – Asian Open Cup 2013

Today, two years ago, I started training #jiujitsu! The past two years have been quite eventful but there has always been one constant: John Pender & Nick Bismack @pridefcdubai (both heard in this video of course) Here are highlights from my tournament back in 2013 – Asian Open in Dubai three months after I started training #armbargirl #jiujitsu #pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai #bjjgirls #جوجيتسو

2015 Abu Dhabi World Pro

Abu Dhabi World Pro | I fought twice in my division and once in the open weight and got the bronze at 75kg. It was a really tough weekend but I learned so much from the fights I lost. I feel so privileged to have such great coaches @gz_vigilante @ramseye4 and to compete alongside my @pridefcdubai #SASTeamDubai teammates, my family and friends. What an experience! Thank you @uaejjf #WPJJC! On to the next: #Mundials #armbargirl






Silver & Gold In Sharjah Jiujitsu Open

Good experience in Sharjah! 4 tough fights.

I signed up to compete under 75kg as I currently weight 68kg. I was bumped up to the +75kg division and got silver after winning my first fight, losing the second.

I also competed in open weight category and got the gold.

It was a good experience overall, I learned a lot and it was a perfect test run for World Pro in April! I still have so much work to do! Big thank you to my coaches Cameron Knight & Eric Ramsey and my team for sticking around from 9 AM to 6PM to watch me compete!

Back to the gym, see you on the mat tonight.

My First Double Gold!

4 tough fights at the Abu Dhabi Jiujitsu tournament! I’ve never been more nervous in a competition, but the result was sweet: my first double GOLD.

Thank you so much to my great coaches Cameron Knight & Eric Ramsey for guiding me on my journey in this amazing sport. Thank you to professor Jorge Gurgel for all the encouragement and great advice. Thank you to my Pride Fitness family John Pender, Nick Bismack, Evan O’reilly, Karl Keller and of course my awesome teammates for helping me get good training in preparation for this tournament.

Back to the mat tomorrow evening




RAK Open Championship

My teammate Kath and I have been getting ready to compete in RAK Open Championship only to find out that we are each other’s only opponents fighting at 75kg. There are only two more white belt females fighting at 55 kg in the entire tournament so an open-weight fight is also unlikely.


Based on that – my teammate and I emailed the organisers UAE JJF to withdraw as we both see no benefit in competing in a different city when we are each other’s only fight.

That being said – I’m excited to get back to training! Can’t wait to have an awesome week of conditioning, BJJ, drills & running!!

I’ll tell you what got me excited about running again in my next post.

See you on the mat