Blue Belt!!!!!

I always know exactly what to say. But I’m really out if words I’m just so so happy!!! Blue belt 🌀🌀🌀🌀 thank you so much to my coaches @gz_vigilante @ramseye4 and professors @jorgegurgel @guilleranguita and my Pride family @nickbizversustheworld @flwmeblack @evan_oreilly @kk_dubai and every single one of my #SASTeamDubai teammates! This means so much to me and I am aware that it comes with a lot of responsibility and even more training — back to the mat tomorrow night @pridefcdubai #armbargirl #bluebelt #beltpromotion #bjj #jiujitsu #bjjgirls #sasteamdubai #pridefcdubai #جوجيتسو #jorgegurgel

Single-leg Sweep from X-Guard

No sleeve grip? No problem! Single-leg sweep from x-guard @pridefcdubai thanks to our coaches @ramseye4 @gz_vigilante and my awesome training partner @ghaliasmith #armbargirl #jiujitsu #pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai #bjjgirls #جوجيتسو #ليش_جوجيتسو

Scissor Sweep From X-Guard

Scissor sweep from x-guard @pridefcdubai with the first Arab female brown belt athlete @ghaliasmith thanks to our awesome coaches @gz_vigilante @ramseye4 🏆 Ghalia thank you for letting me film all these videos with you! 🎬 #armbargirl #jiujitsu #pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai #bjjgirls #جوجيتسو

Armbar From X-Guard

Armbar from x-guard @pridefcdubai with @ghaliasmith thanks to coach @gz_vigilante I cant wait to drill this! #armbargirl #jiujitsu #pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai #bjjgirls

White Belt Problems

That moment when we learn two cool techniques with coach @ramseye4 @pridefcdubai then I end up mixing them both into one – leaving out all the beautiful details! Sorry coach 😱 thank you @ghaliasmith 🙋🏻#armbargirl #jiujitsu #bjjgirls #pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai

Stand-up Week At Pride FC Dubai

Stand up week @pridefcdubai I learned some really cool takedowns with @lanestorm thanks to our coaches @ramseye4 @gz_vigilante #armbargirl #sasteamdubai #pridefcdubai #jiujitsu

New Moves!

It’s been a really exciting month on the mat at Pride Fitness Center / SAS Team Dubai! Learning new things with my teammates is awesome.

Here are a few videos of techniques taught by our coaches Cameron Knight and Eric Ramsey featuring my teammate Tamas Forro, my good friend from Team Mirza Jordan Yara Kakish and our guest coach 2014 brown belt world champion Chealsea Leah Bainbridge-Donner.

I’ll be posting a few more videos this week too so keep checking

See you on the mat






Competition Drills!

I’m loving this move!! Omoplata from Spider Guard. I’ve been drilling this every time I am on the mat. The competition is this Saturday December 20th in Ras Al Khaimeh: I’ve registered, I’m at the right weight – all I need to do is continue to smash training this week to feel as prepared as possible.

My teammate Kath who’s in this video with me is also getting ready to compete, and she’s been drilling a different set of moves that get her competition ready.

If there is anyone I want to stand on the podium next to – it’s my Pride FC, SAS Team Dubai teammate Kath.

Big thank you to our coaches Cameron Knight and Eric Ramsey for all the support and help.

I’m really excited – my schedule allows me to attend every single jiujitsu and conditioning session this week!

See you on the mat

Back To Training! Open Guard Pass

I’m so excited to get back to training tonight after four days of live presenting between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I absolutely love my work as a live presenter and a TV presenter but when I have a booking, I am very unlikely to train that day and sometimes I get booked for a few days in a row which is completely awesome for work but it leaves me thinking about what I missed in training, and how quickly I can get up to speed.

I try to be as responsible as possible when I’m working – by committing to eating clean, no matter where or how long I am working. I take the time to prepare my meals at home and pack them with me. Otherwise, when I get hungry after a full day of filming or presenting, I will eat whatever I can get my hands on – and a few days of that in a row, will have severe consequences and I will be less likely as motivated to get back to training hard because I would feel terrible and completely out of shape.

This week, our coaches Cameron Knight and Eric Ramsey at Pride Fitness Centre in Dubai have been teaching different passing techniques. Tonight in No-Gi class we did a really cool butterfly guard pass. In Gi class we did a really cool open guard pass which I filmed with my teammate Tamas Ferro in the video below.

I’d love to get this down 100% on both sides. I’ll be drilling this every time I am on the mats this month.


Check out this awesome guard retention drill with Cameron Knight! I would love to get this down 100%! This year I’m getting the opportunity to drill more often with a group of great training partners who are also aiming for gold.

On Saturdays I drill for an hour straight with my teammate Kath. We try to go over 2 or 3 things we learned in Jiujitsu group class that week.

I’m trying to get more organised to fit in the maximum amount of good training every week so I can reach my goals. I really do believe that’s possible, and I will make it happen!

See you on the mat