World Pro In 8 Weeks!!

Did I mention I have already registered to compete at the World Pro at 65kg?

I’ve been working hard to cut weight. Not hard enough though and time passed so quickly – I thought I’d be 66kg by February but I currently weight between 68.5 to 69.5 – this morning I weighed in at 69.3kg

I’ve changed so much – my weight is no longer a sensitive subject for me, I have a very healthy attitude towards it as opposed to how I used to feel not too long ago.

I feel fit, strong and healthy. But there is always room for improvement.

To compete at 65kg I have to cut a minimum of 5.5 kg and I have 8 weeks to do that.

I am vowing to cut out all cheat meals until after World Pro. No more chocolate no matter how bad I think I need it.

I also need to get more organised, go to bed early so I can do cardio in the morning rather than in the early afternoon.

The ultimate challenge is a healthy balance between work, training, and time with family and friends. I am no where close to solving that puzzle but if I learned one thing – it is to prioritise.

To my family and friends if you’re reading this – I will need your love and support more than ever these two months.

For the next two months literally from today, I will do my absolute best to get organised, prioritise and keep training hard.

Are you getting ready for a new challenge too?

See you on the mat


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