Back To Training! Open Guard Pass

I’m so excited to get back to training tonight after four days of live presenting between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I absolutely love my work as a live presenter and a TV presenter but when I have a booking, I am very unlikely to train that day and sometimes I get booked for a few days in a row which is completely awesome for work but it leaves me thinking about what I missed in training, and how quickly I can get up to speed.

I try to be as responsible as possible when I’m working – by committing to eating clean, no matter where or how long I am working. I take the time to prepare my meals at home and pack them with me. Otherwise, when I get hungry after a full day of filming or presenting, I will eat whatever I can get my hands on – and a few days of that in a row, will have severe consequences and I will be less likely as motivated to get back to training hard because I would feel terrible and completely out of shape.

This week, our coaches Cameron Knight and Eric Ramsey at Pride Fitness Centre in Dubai have been teaching different passing techniques. Tonight in No-Gi class we did a really cool butterfly guard pass. In Gi class we did a really cool open guard pass which I filmed with my teammate Tamas Ferro in the video below.

I’d love to get this down 100% on both sides. I’ll be drilling this every time I am on the mats this month.

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