BJJ Asian Open Cup 2013

المدالية البرونزية في بطولة كاس اسيا المفتوحة في دبي – اول بطولة اشارك فيها برياضة الجيجتسو

In August 2013 I got the opportunity to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time at Pride Fitness with Charlie Calderon and I fell in love with this amazing sport ever since! I’ve been training for 3 months so far and got the chance to compete in the BJJ Asian Open Cup in Dubai on October 26 and managed to get a bronze medal, 3rd place in the open weight category as a white belt.

Big thank you to my coaches Charlie Calderon and Nick Bismack and of course the Pride Fitness Center team for all the love and support! Onwards and upwards!! Next competition is on November 16 – Emirates Super Cup in Abu Dhabi!

Here is a video of my fight with Emarati competitor Sheefa Hassan from Al Jazira Club.

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